Be Maker, Be Happy

10 . 06 . 17

​It's always a great honour to be featured in a publication celebrating craftsmanship, and we couldn't have been more thrilled last week when a copy of Be Maker Be Happy, produced by Spanish publishing house Monsa, dropped through our letterbox.  We made the front cover!  A study of the Maker movement featuring articles on 21 different artisans across Europe (with one Californian exception), we're in great company alongside fellow Cornish woodworker Tom Raffield and his steam-bent furniture, the stunning Bellerby & Co. Globemakers, and artisans ranging from chocolatiers to weavers.  You can check out a few spreads from the hardcover coffee table book below, and if you're interested in picking up a copy they are available to buy on Monsa's online bookstore.

Gestalten’s Surf Odyssey

17 . 04 . 16

​Exploring the broad spectrum of worldwide contemporary surf culture, the team behind Gestalten’s latest offering, a heavy coffee table book titled Surf Odyssey, found an incredible variety of subjects to feature.  From frigid frontiers to tropical idylls, and from home-made through to high-end, it celebrates those who are forging their own path and pursuing their passions through the filter of surfing, and we’re honoured to have been included.

A copy of the book was delivered to the workshop on the book’s release date earlier this week, and it was lovely sitting down over a cup of tea and a few biscuits (James has been labeled for life now, thanks to the feature’s sub-title) and leafing through the different sections, many of which were written by our friend Dan Crockett.  

The publishers, Gestalten, describe the book thus:

“There’s much more to surfing than palm trees and beach boy clichés. Beyond mainstream surfing lies an uncharted sea of creativity, community, and independence that celebrates the true nature of surfing. Surf Odyssey depicts this contemporary surf culture: the adrenaline-rush of cold-water surfing, the daunting treks through the terrain of Africa balanced by the welcoming Temple of Enthusiasm in Bali, the quest to find nature in its purest form, and the reward of finding oneself. Stunning images from pioneering outdoor photographers and poignant portraits of movers and shakers within the scene narrate a tale of wave-riding that steps away from social norms and into aquatic swells of adventure.

Revealing surfers to be multifaceted spirits, Surf Odyssey underlines the natural connections between environmental responsibility and the thrill of embracing an unbroken wall of water whilst showcasing the products and places that comprise this unique community.”

You can purchase the book from Gestalten here, or from your local bookshop – if they don’t carry it then it can be ordered using the ISBN 978-3-89955-653-7.

The Pinnacle of (Surf) Publishing

07 . 06 . 15

We're not quite sure how we're going to top this one; having kept it a secret for the past few months, we're now incredibly proud to announce that Otter Surfboards have been featured in the latest issue of The Surfer's Journal magazine, available now.  We view the Journal as the preeminant surf publication, chronicling surfing and surf culture in a considered and timeless fashion.  It's difficult to get hold of the magazine in the UK but James has been a subscriber for a number of years and a section of his archive sits on the shelves here in the workshop whilst Mat also has a modest collection carried back from time spent overseas, so suffice to say we are very honoured to have been the focus of a ten-page article.  

It all began last summer when we received a phone call from writer Daniel Crockett, who happens to be a friend of ours.  Dan had been contacted by the editor of TSJ (who had no idea that he knew us) and commissioned to produce an article about Otter Surfboards based on some images that they had on-file.  The photographs in question were from the Storyboard project that we produced back in 2011 (and which has since been exhibited around the UK) and we still have no idea how they came to be in the hands of the editorial team of The Surfer's Journal.  We're certainly glad that they did, though, and are grateful to Dan for penning such a complimentary article.

We're expecting a small shipment of the latest issue of The Surfer's Journal (TSJ 24.3) which we will have for sale here at the workshop.  We'll announce their arrival on our social media platforms, at which point you can get in touch with us and place an order if you'd like to get your hands on a copy.  If the reaction is positive then we may well try to find a way to stock the Journal on a more regular basis, as it seems such a shame that surfers in the UK are denied access to this wonderful publication.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind all of you about the evening of "Boards, Bangers & Beers" that we are hosting this coming Friday, June 12th.  We'll be staying open late from 6pm on Friday so that you stop off after work and join us for a bbq and have a look around the workshop.  We'll tap a cask of local ale and project our friend Romain Juchereau's film "Behind The Tide" onto the workshop wall, so we hope that you can come along and make an evening of it with us.  Further details can be found here.

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