Our Last Order Dates for Christmas

01 . 12 . 16

​With Christmas fast approaching and because of the handmade to order nature of many of our products, we need to let you all know when our last dates are for ordering from us are:

 - For stock items such as clothing, swim fins, calendars, magazines or gift vouchers, the last date for orders is Tuesday December 20th.

 - For items that are hand-made to order, like bodysurfing handplanes or wall-hangers, we need to receive your order by Monday December 12th to give us time to make and ship your gift in time for Christmas.

If you have any questions then just get in touch by phone or e-mail and, as ever, we'll do our best to make sure that you've got the gifts that you want to give under the tree by Christmas Eve.

Otter Surfboards 2017 Calendar On Sale

05 . 11 . 16

We've just taken delivery of our 2017 calendars, and they're available to buy now over on our products page.  We selected twelve of our favourite seasonal images featuring our twin passions of the ocean and wooden surfboards, so that what's on your wall will reflect what's outside your window whilst getting you excited for your next surf - whether that's going to involve paddling into a cold winter slab or sharing fun waves with friends in the summer.  

Printed on premium recycled art paper using earth friendly inks, our 2017 calendar is a little smaller than A4 (what Royal Mail call "large letter") and costs £10.  You don't need us to tell you that that's less than a pound for each of the images that you can cut out and frame at the end of the month - these aren't shiny prints on flimsy paper.  If you'd like to purchase a 2017 calendar before the year's begun then click here (or hit the products option at the top of this page) and we'll package one up and take it down to the Post Office right away, because the Post Office is behind the beach and you'll be giving us a great excuse to check the surf.  

All Year Round

01 . 11 . 15

365 days;12 months; four seasons; one year.  

We all need a bit of help organising our time and remembering important dates and events, be it a diary, a year planner, a digital calendar or a calendar hung on a wall in plain view.  Calendars date back to the Bronze Age, with the course of the sun and moon being used to keep time across various ancient cultures before the Romans (during the reign of Julius Caesar) reformed their calendar in 45 BC so that it was no longer dependent upon the observation of the new moon each month but instead followed an algorithm, and introduced the leap year.  In 1582 the Roman Julian calendar was revised further (we now use the Gregorian calendar) following a long-term shift observed between the Julian calendar and the solar year, and it is the Gregorian calendar that we still use to this day. 

We work and surf all year-round, come rain or shine, and we try to produce imagery that reflects that.  As a result we now have a set of seasonal imagery that we’re very proud of, and it made sense to us to share some of our favourites in the form of a calendar so that they can be enjoyed by some of you and provide an alternative to calendars with images of the Lake District, flowers, vintage travel posters or ponies in the New Forest. 

The 2016 Otter Surfboards calendar features twelve images, with space to take notes each day.  There are also perforations above and below each image so that, once the month is over and you’ve turned a new leaf, you can separate the image, frame it as a print and keep on enjoying it.  The calendar is printed locally on recycled paper using water-based inks.  They’re available to buy now here on the Otter website for £15, and we’ll also be bringing stock with us to various events in the run-up to Christmas and the New Year.


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