Bob Triple Pale


A Bob Simmons inspired shape, with a wide tail for speed and manoeuvrability and a little lift in the nose. Fast and loose.

This handplane is made from locally grown western red cedar, and has 3 strips of poplar evenly spaced, running down from nose to tail. The strap is made from recycled seatbelt fabric

13 1/4″ x 7 3/4″ x 5/8″

All our handplanes are made with a concave running from the nose to tail to give you extra lift when held flat on the water and add a rocker curve to the rail line to allow you to turn more easily when placed on rail too.


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What do we do with the offcuts from making our wooden surfboards? Well, for the most part, the offcuts that are produced here in the workshop are just the right size to be laminated up into stylish handplanes to help enhance your bodysurfing sessions.

With the addition of a pair of swim fins to help you kick into waves earlier, these small boards turn your leading hand into a larger planing surface allowing you to control your position in the wave. Now the simple and joyous act of just going for a swim in the ocean can involve catching waves and perhaps getting yourself in a barrel or two!