Stand-Up Paddleboard Workshop

We enjoy our regular “make your own” workshop weeks so much that we’ve stretched some out so that we can also offer dedicated courses for the stand-up paddlers out there.

Over seven days, you’ll build the flat-water stand-up paddleboard of your choosing in a dedicated one-to-one workshop, with James guiding you through each step of the process. We’ll have all of the component parts already prepared for you (the noisy, dusty jobs) so your job is to construct your stand-up paddleboard and shape it. At the end of the course we then take your board to our trusted laminator who finishes it ready for you to find some calm water and set off on an adventure. To round things off, we can either work out delivery for your board or you can come and collect it and we’ll all go for a paddle together.

If you’d also like your own bespoke made-to-measure wooden paddle to match your new paddleboard, we can make it so that it’s ready in time for when you collect (or we ship) your paddleboard.

As well as expedition-style stand-up paddleboards, we have run workshops for custom stand-up paddleboards designed for flat water day-use, which can be made on our 5-day surfboard making courses. If this is something that you’d be more interested in, please drop us a line to discuss what we can do for you.

If you're unsure of any of the options and would like to confirm the dates that best work for you, contact us on and we'll get back to you. If you're thinking of booking a course, we are happy to break the payments down into more manageable chunks; simply pick the 'pay via payment plan' option below.

Places available:

Pay via payment plan


  • Day One

    We assemble the framework and get the deck skins glued down

  • Day Two

    Starting the rail strips

  • Day Three

    Bringing the rail strips around the chines and getting ready for the bottom skins to be glued down

  • Day Four

    Final preparation and gluing the bottom skins in place

  • Day Five

    Fitting the nose and tail blocks.

  • Day Six

    Shaping the rails, nose and tail.

  • Day Seven

    Finish shaping and sanding

Wood Types

Triple Dark

Triple Pale

Single Pale Sandwiched by Dark

Double Pale Sandwiched by Dark

otter stand up paddle boards in the Lake District
wooden surfboard shaper james otter and two customers making a wooden stand-up paddleboard together.
lady fitting the rail strips of a wooden stand-up paddleboard on an otter surfboards
wooden surfboard shaper james otter and his dad andrew making a wooden stand-up paddleboard together.

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