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We exist to inspire people to love, learn and reconnect through the power of making.

We make timeless hand-crafted wooden surfboards designed to last a lifetime.

We offer workshop experiences, to guide you through the making of your own wooden surfboard, paddleboard, bellyboard or handplane. We’ll encourage you to reconnect with your own two hands, find flow in the art of making and play in the outdoors with a sense of wonder and awe.

So far we’ve helped over 200 people make their own wooden surfboard. Find skills they didn’t know they had. Experience a different kind of focus. Push comfort zones. Laugh lots. Cry too. Build new friendships. And transform. The days are challenging. But the rewards are worth it. 

Whether you choose to commission a surfboard, or join us in the workshop, we hope we can inspire your next trip to the ocean.

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Connection to each other and stewardship of the land.

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