Our workshop weeks are our favourite weeks of the year. We get to share the fun of making wooden surfboards with the inspirational individuals who come to join our workshop courses and after five days of tea drinking, story telling and making sawdust, we become close. Real close.

It always feels a little empty in the workshop the week after a course. The energy is different. It’s quiet. 

So we wanted to find a way to bring every one of our makers back together each year to celebrate their experience, and their surfboards and to reconnect with them. We call it our Annual Gathering of Makers, or AGM for short, and every one of our past workshoppers gets an invite. Always.

It is our favourite weekend of the year.

We normally run the AGM towards the end of September, so we have a chance of fair weather being accompanied by waves. We gather at the workshop on the Saturday morning before heading out for a surf together, sharing waves, and hooting and hollering at each other as we trade waves. It’s a high-fives and smiles all round kind of affair – just the way surfing should be.

In the evening, we head back to the farm where Otter Surfboards began, to share an evening of wonderful food, drink, music and merriment. This gives us a good chance to catch up properly with everyone; to hear stories of where they’ve been with their surfboards and what else the making of their surfboards has inspired them to do. The laughter normally drowns out the music (sorry Nick!) and the night winds down as people spill out of the barn feeling well fed and ready for a rest, before hitting the hay and joining us for another surf on Sunday morning.

The weekend always leaves us warm, fuzzy and exhausted. Topped up with good energy to fuel us until the next year.

If you make a board with us, you’ll get an invite. Every year.

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