Make Your Own – Our Guided Workshops

Share time with us, reconnect to your own two hands and make something memorable, here in Cornwall.

So far we’ve helped over 200 people make their own wooden surfboard. Find skills they didn’t know they had. Experience a different kind of focus. Push comfort zones. Laugh lots. Cry too. Build new friendships. And transform. The days are challenging. But the rewards are worth it.

If you have any questions about our workshops, we’re here to help. You can call us on 01209700070 or email us to start a conversation.

If you’re looking to gift a workshop experience, head here.

Otter Surfboards wooden surfboard workshop course in Cornwall group session with Martin, Tracey and Paul

Surfboard Workshop

“The whole experience was like the therapy I never realised I needed!” – Andrew, 2018 Workshopper

Five days of switching off from the day-to-day, immersing yourself in the making of a surfboard surrounded by likeminded individuals and at the end having a surfboard to enjoy riding waves on for many years to come…

• Professional, guided, 5 day workshop
• No experience needed
• Maximum 3 people per workshop

Otter Paddleboard in the Lakes

Paddleboard Workshop

Five days of immersing yourself in the making of your own wooden paddleboard, reconnecting to your own two hands and dreaming of gliding on the water for many years to come…

• Professional, guided, 5 day workshop
• No experience needed
• Maximum 2 people per workshop

Rasping the rails of an otter surfboards wooden bellyboard workshop course Tony

Bellyboard Workshop

Bellyboarding might just be the simplest way to enjoy wave riding on a piece of wood and we love it. The boards themselves often become highly treasured possessions and we love to share the fun of making them with our customers.

• Professional, guided, 1 day workshop
• No experience needed
• Maximum 8 people per workshop

wooden bodysurfing handplane workshop group outside the otter surfboards workshop

Handplane Workshop

Sometimes, nothing beats grabbing a handplane and heading out for a swim to catch a few waves, and using a handplane you’ve made yourself takes the enjoyment to a whole new level.

This workshop is a great taster of the benefits of spending time in the workshop with us.

• Professional, guided, 1 day workshop
• No experience needed
• Maximum 8 people per workshop

Otter Wooden bodysurfing Handplane pair triple pale diamond crescent strap

Free Guide to Make Your Own Handplane

Otter Surfboards wooden surfboard workshop course in Cornwall group portrait with Mike, Richard and Sarah december 2017

Gifting a Workshop?

Our workshop experiences make for an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime gift.

Not only will we create lifelong memories in the workshop together, but your lucky human will have also made themselves a new surfboard, paddleboard, bellyboard or handplane to enjoy reconnecting to the water with for years to come.

Where We Are

Our workshop is situated at Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Porthtowan, Cornwall.

It’s where we’ve been since 2014 and we love it here. We can run to the end of the field to check the surf and follow a path right down to the beach, we’re surrounded by lovely neighbours doing amazing things and there are gorgeous cabins where our workshoppers can stay whilst they are with us.

Behind our big blue doors is where we do all of our making. It’s where we turn fresh planks of locally grown cedar and poplar into everything we need to make our surfboards, paddleboards, bellyboards and handplanes and it’s where you’ll be joining us to come and make your own too!


Harry, Chris and James Otter with wooden surfboards at the otter surfboards workshop in cornwall

"The best reset ever, when you are concentrating 100% on what you are doing you forget about everything else."

Chris – 2020 Workshopper

Booking a Workshop

When you book a workshop with us, we’ll send you a confirmation email with some further information about what to expect from your time with us. It’ll include places to stay, an itinerary for the workshop, some information about the team here and a link to our FAQs.

As we get closer to your workshop, Ally will email you to confirm all of your choices before we start preparing the timber, just in case you’ve had any last-minute changes of heart about what you’d like to make with us.

Our five day workshop courses will start at 9am on a Monday and our one day courses will typically be on a Saturday and kick off at 10am. For all our workshops, we’ll have the doors flung open as you arrive and the kettle on. We find most good workshop days start with a tea or coffee!

Bell Tent at Elm Farm Campsite in Porthtowan

Where to Stay

If you’re with us for a full week of making a surfboard or paddleboard, or one day to make a bellyboard or handplane, and you don’t live locally, there are some awesome places to stay onsite and nearby.


If you have any further questions, you may well find the answer you’re looking for on our FAQ page.

If you’d rather speak to us as actual humans though, we are always on hand to answer any questions you have via phone – 01209700070 – or via email. We’re here to help.


James Askham Coaster Otter Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience Cornwall

"My board will be with me for a lifetime and each personal touch applied during the workshop will bring back those feelings when I’m in the water."

James – 2021 Workshopper

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