Ben, Terry, James and Tom’s Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience

10 . 01 . 22

Our last surfboard workshop of the year came around so quickly! A great way to cap off a great year; here’s how everything played out…

Monday morning found us at the workshop early with dry hair and plenty of time to spare because the stormy surf had not looked very inviting for our regular Monday Morning Surf Club, so we were hoping to enjoy some fun waves later in the week. When the workshoppers arrived, this was the first thing we spoke about over a coffee, as we were all keen to get in the sea at some point, especially Tom who had travelled from Switzerland for the occasion.

Tom would be making a 6’4 Cutter, one of our smaller, faster shapes designed for speed and rail to rail surfing; intended for trips to warmer climates and potentially the new wave pool in Alaia bay in the Swiss Alps. Tom’s course had been postponed since May 2020 due to Covid, so he was happy to have finally made it to Porthtowan. It turned out a good friend of his had just bought a house here, so he was also keen to check out the area, surf some waves at the beach and report back.

Throughout the week there were wholesome teamwork vibes in the workshop, as everyone was keen to lend a hand, which was especially helpful on rail day and when we glued the deck skins down on top of the frames and freshly planed rail strips.

The togetherness seemed to filter down from the front set of trestles where Ben and his dad Terry, from Plymouth, were double teaming the making and shaping of their 9’1 Wicket; often when each stage was complete they would look to see where they could help out on other boards. They were both comfortable with the tools and processes due to Ben’s experience in boat building/restoration and Terry’s day job in construction. Ben had even supplied some Teak from the flagship of the charity he runs, ‘Sailing Tectona’, which would be used in the tail and as the stringers in the wood layup.

The final surfboard being made belonged to James, a newcomer to Cornwall and surfing, who since moving down from Sheffield has embraced the coastal lifestyle and its exhilarating benefits. With a background in county level competitive swimming we don’t think he will have a problem progressing in surfing, and the board he chose to make reflected that. The 7’2 Coaster is a fast cruisey board, which can be surfed in waist high summer waves right through to more meaty overhead surf.

The week went by quickly and we were glad to take some time out on Wednesday night to sit down to a meal and a drink at the cafe next door to the workshop. The next two days shaping were as productive as the previous three, with everyone keen to see how their surfboards would turn out. The stoke levels were high as the boards were stamped and signed off on Friday afternoon and we can’t wait for you all to come back and collect your freshly glassed creations. Let’s hope there are waves!

If you would like to join us on a workshop course in 2022 click here for more info!

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