Surfboard Workshop


Since 2010 we’ve helped over two hundred people to make their own wooden surfboards, and our workshop courses are far and away our favourite weeks every year.

Over five days, you’ll make the surfboard of your choosing alongside a maximum of two other people, with us guiding you through each step of the process. No previous experience or aptitude for making is necessary; we break everything down into bite-size chunks and support you at all times.

If you find yourself unsure of any of the options below, we are more than happy to organise a phone or zoom call to help guide your choice to get the board that is best for you. Just email us and we’ll line something up!

Or, you can always just book the date you’d like, and we’ll be in touch to figure out the rest.

Is This a Gift?

If so, head here for a simpler version of booking a course.


Customise Your Experience

Here, you can select all, some or none of your choices for what you’d like to come and make with us. If you’re unsure of any of the options, feel free to fire us an email or give us a call.


Only pick one if you know of the specific date you will be able to join us. If not select ‘choose later’.

You can browse our surfboards further down the page, but if you’re unsure of which one you’d like to make, select ‘choose later’. Once we’ve received your order, we’ll be in touch to talk through your options.

This is where you can choose the style of the wood layup for your board. Hover over the icons below to bring up a larger image and description of the layup options. If you’re unsure of what to pick, we’ll happily send you some images of different wood layups on different boards. Just email us.

This one can be a really tricky choice. If you’re unsure of what to pick, select ‘choose later’ and we can show you the different options whilst you’re with us in the workshop. Nothing beats seeing the boards in real life to make this decision.

Most of our surfboards suit a few different fin set-ups. We don’t need a firm decision now, so if you’re unsure select ‘choose later’ and we can talk through your options whislt you’re with us in the workshop.

We don’t need a firm decision now, but the main choice to consider is whether to go for glass-ons or fin boxes. We’ll have a few examples in the board rack, so we can talk through your options whislt you’re with us in the workshop.

or Commission Your Surfboard

Day One – Cut out the frame and glue to the bottom skin.

Day Two – Build up the rail strips as far as we can.

Day Three – Big Wednesday. Finishing the rails, fitting nose, tail and fin blocks, prepping the board for the deck and getting the deck skin glued down.

Day Four – Lose yourself with the shaping tools and rough out your surfboard’s shape.

Day Five – Finishing the shaping, sanding and signing off your surfboard. High fives and hugs all round.


If you need somewhere to stay for the week, here are a few ideas for local campsites, B&Bs and self catered accommodation.

If you struggle to find anywhere, you can always drop us an email and we’ll help if we can.


Every surfboard workshop is filmed and edited to capture memories from the week, so our workshoppers can enjoy and share their once-in-a-lifetime experience with friends and family.

For the latest videos, head over to our YouTube playlist.


Before your workshop, we will prepare all the elements ready to begin constructing your surfboard. We take the raw material (rough sawn wood from the sawmill) and process it into the deck and bottom skin, the rails strips and nose and tail blocks and we laser cut the internal frame of your surfboard from poplar plywood.

It works out to abut three days work per surfboard for us to be completely ready for you.

We’ll have this all laid out on your own workbench on the monday morning and we’ll talk you through how we piece them together before getting started.


Over the five days you’re with us, we’ll do all of the woodwork making of your board, so we’ll end up with a completely shaped wooden surfboard that is ready for finishing.

The week after your workshop, we take it a short distance up the road to the best surfboard laminator in the UK, who finishes your surfboard ready to be splashed in the sea.

Once we’ve spoken with him, we’ll be able to give you an estimate for when your board will be ready, but this is typically about 8 weeks after your course.

Once we have your surfboard back in the workshop, we can either work out delivery for your board or you can come and collect it and join us for a surf.


If we haven’t quite managed to answer your question, it might be on our FAQ page, or pop it in an email and we’ll get back to you.