5’6″ ADPT


A high performance small wave twin fin, the FORM ADPT was designed in collaboration with 3x British Champion Alan Stokes and quickly became Alan’s favourite board.

With a full outline that tapers to a pulled in swallow tail, the ADPT surfs incredibly well in small and sloppy conditions and its fine tuned 60/40 rails and the single to double concave facilitate speed and performance when the waves get better. We love the speed of the twin fin set up that can then be harnessed through turns without sliding out.

5’6” x 19½” x 2 ⅜” – 27 l

Recommended to be ridden as a twin fin.

From £3,850.00

“I like a board that really has it’s own life. You’re letting this craft fit where it wants to on a wave and you’re there to enjoy that. It’s an exciting time for surfboards, because we’re going to get a sustainable way to make them and at the same time we have this really lovely performance.”

Alan Stokes, 3x British Champion

The ADPT is designed to be ridden in good waves and is our shape with the most manoeuvrability and performance. Small, light and fast.

It can be made as either a twin fin or thruster. The twin fins provide down the line speed and looseness, allowing you to really feel the rail line through carves and turns, whist the thruster set-up gives you a more typical shortboard feel, great control and more vertical performance.

With a full outline, a pulled in swallow tail, single to double concave throughout the bottom and turned down, fine tuned 60/40 rails and plenty of foam through the foil, the ADPT can handle performance surfing when the waves are good or novel expression when the waves aren’t great.

To keep it light, we’d recommend an all cedar or single pale layup.

Over the years, we have found different ways to make our surfboards personalised and unique, from customised artwork to wooden map inlays. If you have a particular idea, or request, don’t hesitate to reach out and see what we can do for you.

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