If a picture paints a thousand words…

We’ve been fortunate to have been interviewed and featured on multiple TV shows as well as working on some exciting collaborations over the years. Those that have been captured on film are here. Enjoy!

You can also check out our regular surf and workshop content over on YouTube!

Stokesy tucks under the lip

Forest to Ocean

A collaborative project between us and surfer Alan Stokes. We recreated his favourite Form surfboard, a 5’6″ twin fin call the ADPT, using our hollow wooden construction to highlight the durable and more sustainable surfboards that are an option for surfers; even those who are looking for something at the top end of performance.

It was so exciting to see someone putting one of our boards through it’s paces like this, and it has opened up a whole area of surfing we had originally felt was ruled by the foam industry.

otter wooden surfboards birkenstock #BOLD film making

Otter X Birkenstock #BOLD

Back in 2022 we made an 11’2 Glider for a collaboration with Birkenstock, here’s a film showing how the surfboard and project came together…


A Week in the Workshop

Our favourite weeks of the year. Always.

Follow three of our workshoppers on their week with us making their own wooden surfboards.

They came with varying degrees of making and surfing abilities, but all walked away with a beautiful surfboard and a week to remember. We laughed, cried, drank tea and made plenty of sawdust.

Words from our workshoppers

Words from our Workshoppers

Filmed at our 2014 Annual Gathering of Makers, this video has stood the test of time and still gives us goosebumps.

The wonderful things that people say about our wooden surfboard workshop course and the joy you can see in their faces makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. If you’re teetering on the edge of coming to join us, watch this video.

“People still don’t believe I made it. That’s got to be worth something, right?” Fergus, 2012 workshopper

James Otter Momentum Life

Otter x Momentum Life

Matt and Tom from This Momentum Life came to visit us for a day to dig deeper into what the outdoors means to us all. They interviewed James for their podcast and explored the workshop and beach at the bottom of the hill to get a sense of life for us at Otter Surfboards.

Here’s a lovely little edit from their day in summer 2020.

Bellyboarding and Bodysurfing Before Breakfast 2016

Bellyboarding and Bodysurfing before Breakfast

On a summer’s morning in 2016, the waves weren’t up to much, but we know you always feel better after a dip in the sea and a few waves shared with friends.

James, Chris and Mat jumped in the sea and Al filmed from the land to capture an early morning splash at the bottom of the hill from the workshop.

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