Making Wooden Surfboards And Paddleboards To Last A Lifetime

Guided Workshops and Commissions

Make Your Own Commission
Otter Surfboards wooden surfboard workshop course in Cornwall group portrait with Mike, Richard and Sarah december 2017

Make Your Own

Take five days to make your own wooden surfboard or paddleboard or one day to make a bellyboard or handplane, with us guiding you through each step of the process.

Share time with us, reconnect to your own two hands and make something memorable, here in Cornwall.

• Professional, guided, 5 day workshop
• No experience needed
• Maximum 3 people per workshop

Otter Wooden bodysurfing Handplane pair triple pale diamond crescent strap

Free Guide to Make Your Own Handplane

Claires special californian redwood custom otter wooden surfboard fetch fish workshop gloss

Custom Made

Since 2008 we’ve been hand crafting personalised wooden surfboards, paddleboards, bellyboards and handplanes.

Made from locally grown timber from regenerative sustainable woodlands, they marry our two deepest passions and allow you to enjoy the oceans and rivers whilst being kind to our planet.

• Sustainable ‘skin and frame’ wooden core.
• A wide range of shapes to choose from.
• Designed and made for a lifetime of waves.

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Our workshop experiences make for an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime gift.

Not only will we create lifelong memories in the workshop together, but your lucky human will have also made themselves a new surfboard, paddleboard, bellyboard or handplane to enjoy reconnecting to the water with for years to come.

Our Story

We have been pioneering sustainable wooden surfboards since 2008, handcrafting custom surfboards in Cornwall and providing expert guidance to anyone wishing to make their own with us, in our workshop by the sea.

We’ll encourage you to reconnect with your own two hands, find flow in the art of making and play in the outdoors with a reinvigorated sense of wonder and awe.


“If you’ve ever thought about making your own board, this is the place to do it.”

Biff Lancaster, 2013 workshopper

“Once in a lifetime, 100% worth every moment.”

Gareth Rogers, 2018 workshopper

“The whole experience was like the therapy I never realised I needed!”

Andrew McIndoe, 2018 workshopper

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