9’6″ Tea Tree


The Tea Tree is inspired by the longboards from the late 60’s and borrows all of the best elements from surfboards of that era and introduces some modern nuances to bring it right up to date.

Amazingly responsive off the tail, with it’s wide point slightly back of center and a more rounded, wider tail than our other longboards and able to lock into trim with its refined rails and slightly narrower nose makes this a board that will guarantee a smile on your face and allow a mixture of progressive and traditional longboarding.

9’6” x 16 5/16” x 23” x 17 3/4” x 3” – 75.1 l

Designed to be ridden as a single fin in anything from 1-5 feet.

From £4,150.00

Inspired by the models from the 60’s after a long conversation with local pro surfer Sam Bleakley, who specifically referred to his McTavish 66 model that he’s surfed to death as one he thinks would work really well in a hollow wooden construction, this board borrows all of the best elements from surfboards of that era and introduces some modern nuances to bring it right up to date.

The wide point is slightly back of center and has a fairly rounded template running into the wide tail, which is all about lift and maneuverability. Coupled with the tail kick, this board can be swung around easily off the back foot to fade your bottom turns and find the ideal angle of trim for walking to the nose.

The rails are fairly pinched and taper slightly towards the nose, which allows them to engage with the wave face for stability and security as you walk to forwards and more and more water is drawn over the rear end of the board.

Once you’re up at the nose, you’ve got a shallow concave underneath you to allow you to control the speed rail positioning so you can spend as much time up there as you can.

This board is best amazingly responsive off the tail and is suited to anything from lined up peelers to unpredictable beach breaks.

Over the years, we have found different ways to make our surfboards personalised and unique, from customised artwork to wooden map inlays. If you have a particular idea, or request, don’t hesitate to reach out and see what we can do for you.

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