Our workshop experiences are often gifted to lucky humans to celebrate a big birthday, life event or their awesomeness.

With all of our workshops, we need to know specific details of what people would like to make to ensure we prepare all the right pieces for their arrival. But if you’re the person gifting the workshop, many of those choices may seem confusing or overwhelming, so we’ve made the gifting process as simple as possible.

Simply click through to the type of workshop you’d like to gift, absorb some further info and book a space.

If you need any guidance at all through this process, we’re here to help, so either call us on 01209700070 or email us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.


Surfboard Workshop

“The whole experience was like the therapy I never realised I needed!” – Andrew, 2018 Workshopper

Five days of switching off from the day-to-day, immersing yourself in the making of a surfboard surrounded by likeminded individuals and at the end having a surfboard to enjoy riding waves on for many years to come…..what a wonderful gift that could be!

Henry and James

Paddleboard Workshop

Five days of immersing yourself in the making of your own wooden paddleboard surrounded by likeminded individuals and at the end having a paddleboard to enjoy gliding on the water for many years to come.

Who wouldn’t want that?


Rasping the rails of an otter surfboards wooden bellyboard workshop course Tony

Bellyboard Workshop

Bellyboarding might just be the simplest way to enjoy wave riding on a piece of wood and we love it. The boards themselves often become highly treasured possessions and we love to share the fun of making them with our customers.

wooden bodysurfing handplane workshop group outside the otter surfboards workshop

Handplane Workshop

Sometimes, nothing beats grabbing a handplane and heading out for a swim to catch a few waves, and using a handplane you’ve made yourself takes the enjoyment to a whole new level. A great taster of the benefits of spending time in the workshop with us.

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