7’10” Clipper


Taking its cue from the down-railed guns of 1970s Hawaii, the Clipper is designed with size and power in mind. A classic 7’10” single fin pintail with its wide-point forward of centre and a lot of volume under the chest foiling out to soft rails for increased hold at speed, the Clipper gets into waves early, holds through drawn-out turns, and follows classic lines. This is a board that will allow you to surf larger waves with confidence, and style to burn.

7’10” x 21 5/8″ x 3 1/4″ – 60.4l

Designed and best ridden as a single fin.

From £3,850.00

The Clipper is a nod back to the single fins of the seventies that borrows more modern surfboard design elements to make it a board that you can rely on when the waves get more challenging.

An entry ‘V’ allows you to set a rail nice and early, with a flat bottom through the middle of the board to increase planing speed and a ‘V’ out of the tail to allow you to roll from rail to rail when you put your weight over the back foot to turn.

It has plenty of volume throughout, which is brought almost all the way to the rail to aid in paddling speed to help you stroke into waves early and move around the line-up with ease. And with its long drawn out tail and single fin, it holds a line like no other board and feels really secure on those days when that’s exactly what you want from your surfboard.

We’ve also had some fun with it on head high days, racing down the line to swoop through big rounded turns, so it’s not all about waves that give you a lump in your throat.

You can read all about the Clipper’s maiden voyage in some serious surf here.


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