9’6″ Pier


Take a walk on the Pier, Otter Surfboard’s Traditional Mal. Playing on the glide and momentum inherent in wooden surfboards, the Pier replicates the weight of classic, volan glassed longboards of old. Riding the Pier is all about trim, poise and working with, rather than against, the wave and the board under your feet.

9’6″ x 16″ x 22 7/8″ x 18 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ – 78.2 l

Designed and best surfed as a single fin, in fact, only to be ridden as a single fin.

From £4,150.00

Taking its cue from the longboards of the 60’s, this is about as traditional as surfboards get. You’ll notice the wide point is slightly back from centre with hips towards the tail and rails pulling in ever so slightly towards the nose.

Full rounded rails, that remain throughout the entirety of the rail line mean that this board is all about locking into trim and dancing towards the nose.

A belly on the underside means its position in trim can be adjusted from the middle of the board as it’ll be a little looser than a flat bottomed board meaning you won’t have to go right back to the fin to make small directional changes.

That being said, when you need to swing the nose around and redirect, you’ll want to drop your weight right over the big pivot fin before moving forwards again.

So much fun in waves from 1 to 4 feet!

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