8’2″ Pieces of Eight


The Pieces of Eight isn’t quite a longboard but it isn’t a mini-mal either. The momentum and glide of a wooden surfboard lends itself to this kind of shape for making the most of waves from knee high to overhead . This board can be surfed from the tail just like any of our mid-lengths, or treated as a mal and cross stepped for nose riding, making it a great all rounder.

8’2” x 21½ ” x 2⅞” – 55.1 l

Designed to be ridden as a single fin, but can also be used as a 1+2 (single fin with side bites).

From £3,850.00

“The board feels great and I really feel it’s helping me push my surfing. I can feel so much more improvement on a session by session basis.

I have a road trip to France planned for this summer, and from experience, I know the waves in the Basque region can be quite punishing, so its good to know I’ll have the strength of the wooden board under my feet.

All that and it looks amazing hanging on my living room wall too!”

Ian Farrell, 2012 Workshopper

The Pieces of Eight was designed with the smaller framed longboarder in mind. Someone who wants to enjoy the manoeuvrability and versatility of a mid-length, but also wants to play around with cross stepping their way to the nose.

It’s not as stable as our longboard models for walking up and down, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The nose is stabilised by a shallow concave underneath it, which will hold the board in the pocket a little easier once you get there. But race to the tail and you can turn this board from top to bottom with relative ease.

Low rocker curve, with a little flip in the nose, rounded pin tail and a smooth rail line make this one of our most popular boards for good reason.

Click the video opposite to see James take you through the Pieces of Eight. Or click here to read more about it.

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