Wooden Surfboard Profile No. 8: Eddy

10 . 07 . 24

We recently heard from Eddy, who made a surfboard with us back in 2013, reflecting on what the experience has meant to him…

“Rediscovering and connecting

A little over ten years ago, I found myself at a crossroads. My career in the fast-paced world of IT had been exhilarating yet relentless. The constant demands and rapid changes left me craving a mind reset—a return to basics, a tangible project that could remind me of the joys of life. This desire led me to building my own wooden surfboard with James.

I am fascinated by surfing, drawn to the motion of riding waves and the deep connection with the North Sea and Oceans. Building a wooden surfboard was a chance to work with my hands, to create something real and lasting all by myself. The process was both challenging and rewarding. Step by step building, shaping, and meticulously sanding it down — all these steps required trust, patience and precision. For me it was not just about creating a surfboard; it was about proving to myself that I could craft something beautiful and functional with my own two hands.

One surfing memory stands out vividly amidst this journey. It was during one of the Otter AGM’s at Gwithian. I paddled out on my board with around 10 other makers. As I caught a set wave, the Island Hopper responded perfectly, moving up and down the wave face with grace and putting my hands in the air from sheer joy. Riding that wave was a moment of pure joy, a culmination of my efforts and a reminder of why I embarked on this journey to Cornwall.

Building that wooden surfboard was more than a project; it was a transformative experience. It reminded me of the value of slowing down, reconnecting and of the satisfaction that comes from creating something with your own hands.”

Eddy 2024

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