A Wonderful Crowd

21 . 03 . 14

The saying goes that two’s company, three’s a crowd:  We’ve had a wonderful crowd in the workshop with us this week, and luckily our spacious new premises at Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Porthtowan, means that it’s not been crowded.

Three sets of trestles have been the centre of attention as Jerome, Graeme and Lloyd have spent the past five days with us building and shaping their surfboards under James’ tutelage.  Absolute strangers until Monday morning, the three of them have had a great week getting acquainted as they worked alongside one-another and it’s been a real pleasure having them in the workshop; it’s going to seem awfully quiet and empty once they’re gone!    All three of them have built different surfboards with different timber lay-ups and it’s been great seeing such a range of different wooden surfboards grow in unison over such a short space of time.  We think you’ll agree that they’ve all done a wonderful job, as evident in their final Friday photos:​

Lloyd crafted a 6’5″ Woodburner with a triple-decker poplar and brown oak centre strip.  He used the same timber lay-up for his nose and tail blocks (which looked incredible), keel fins and selected similar ratios of dark and light timber for his rail strips ensuring a continuity of pattern throughout his entire board.

Graeme made a 7’4″ Island Hopper.  He chose a twin pale poplar stringer which had a lovely green tone to the heartwood, and alternated light and dark rail strips to give his rails a really lovely striped effect.

Jerome had to do a bit more walking up and down the length of his surfboard this week as he built the longest board of this workshop course.  His 8’0″ Pieces of Eight had a pale poplar centre stringer sandwiched between thin strips of black walnut, and he selected darker western red cedar rail strips to add contrast.

The guys will be back in a few weeks to collect their surfboards once they’ve been laminated, and we’re looking forward to going for a surf with them.  Our next “Build-Your-Own” workshop week with space available is the week of July 14th (as the next three are all fully booked).  Click across to the workshop page if you’re interested in finding out more, or drop us an e-mail.

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