Celebrate Good Times: Mike and John’s Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience

02 . 07 . 21

It’s not often Cornwall is blessed with both waves and sun during a workshop, but last week was definitely one for the books! Here’s our attempts to capture the good vibes from an awesome 5 days:

On Monday morning after introductions, covid tests and enjoying a coffee and conversation in the sun, we learned that coincidentally both workshoppers were making surfboards to celebrate their 40th birthdays. It felt special to be a part of the surprise for Jon and Mike who’s family’s had clubbed together to gift them the chance to make their own sustainable wooden surfboards. 

Jon joined us from just outside Edinburgh and despite the distance, he was able to jump on a train at his local station and travel to Cornwall with just one change, riding the last few miles to the Otter workshop on his trusty bicycle. Jon made a 9’1 Wicket, one of our progressive longboard shapes, which combined nicely with his simple wood layup to give the board a truly striking look. 

Mike who was staying with his family at the Eco park, where our workshop is based, had travelled from Poole, bringing with him Nala, a rescue dog from Spain. A welcome addition to the team, she made herself at home next to Mike’s trestles, seeming happy to lay around chewing off cuts and taking in her new surroundings. Mike made a 7’2 Roller Coaster, our regular Coaster shape with an added 5 litres of volume, to help increase wave count.   

With the weather being so inviting we took every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sun, this meant we were able to visit some of our favourite local spots for food as well as pulling up a log to relax outside our blue doors. Watching the surf and taking in the beautiful scenery during trips to the beach and cliff top walks, provided a good balance with the steady rhythm of making, once back in our bustling workshop.    

The whole week felt like a celebration, a laid back atmosphere full of laughs, stories and high fives. Thanks Mike and Jon for bringing more great energy and fun to the experience, we can’t wait to share some waves with you both when you return to pick up your surfboards!

If you fancy joining us for a week to make your own wooden surfboard, check our available dates here, or put in a good word with your loved ones for any up-coming special birthdays.

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