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22 . 03 . 13

It’s officially Spring, and that means that for many of us the prospect of being fully immersed in the sea rather than floating above it on a surfboard is a little more tempting.  We’d like to facilitate that immersion and so we’ve expanded our range of handplanes to offer a neoprene strap alongside the current hand-hole option.  Until now we’ve produced our handplanes with an ergonomically curved handhold which allows you to switch hands easily depending on whether or not you want to go right or left.  They’re also a bit more minimalist and use less materials, which is the sort of simple and functional design ideology that we like to run with in the workshop here.  Some people, however, prefer to keep their hand flat on their handplane because they find it more comfortable.  This is where straps come in…no curling your fingers through to the underside of the board and disrupting the water flow along the bottom of the handplane, no need to grip the handplane the whole time.  Just slide your hand under the comfortable strap and kick your legs.

We’ve developed our straps with the help of Malcolm at Snugg wetsuits just up the road in Newquay.  Malcolm’s been making wetsuits for thirty years, so he’s the go-to man around these parts for neoprene knowledge.  We took along a bag full of old car seat belts sourced from a local breaker’s yard thinking that the strong, comfortable, nylon webbing would be the perfect material for the straps.  Malcolm has turned these into neoprene lined velcro straps which are super strong.  To attach the straps to our handplane blanks we use stainless steel webbing bridges from a marine chandlery.  These are used to do exactly the same job that we’re employing them for but on boats, so we’re confident that we’ve selected the right component for the job.


So there you have it; if you prefer to keep your hand flat on your handplane rather than curling your fingers through a hand hold then our new strap option should be just what you’re looking for.  Now there’s no excuse not to swim into a few waves as the water starts to warm up a bit.  Take a look at our full range of handplanes here.

And whilst we’re on the subject of bodysurfing, handplanes and Spring waves, let us draw your attention to an event that’ll be going down at Lusty Glaze Beach, Newquay, on April 13th 2013:  The Slyder Cup is the “first annual friction affliction Spring convention” with categories for bodysurfing, alaias or finless surfboards, paipos or bellyboards, and surf mats.  Basically the event is all about losing your fins and going without grip for a few waves.  We can’t wait, it sounds like it’ll be really fun and hopefully we’ll catch up with a few of you and some of our handplanes on your way down the beach for a heat.  Check out the Slyder Cup here.

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