Made To Measure

20 . 07 . 14

Wooden surfboards, due to the way in which they are designed, built and shaped, differ from their foam cousins in that the shape of the surfboard is determined by the framework around which it is built.  Many surfboard shapers offer different models based upon a combination of design factors that work well together, depending upon the size and weight of the surfer, their ability, and the type of waves that they will be surfing most often.  We also offer a range of models from which you can choose and, despite the fact that it’s not as simple as just shaving off a little bit more foam here or there, we also offer a fully bespoke service so that you can order or build yourself a wooden surfboard that is truly “made to measure”.

This past week we were joined in the workshop by Duncan and Helen who both built their own wooden surfboards. Duncan wanted a smaller, 7’2″, version of our popular Island Hopper model to sit at the “long” end of his quiver for surfing the smaller days back home in France, where he and his partner offer yurt holiday rentals on the Brittany coast.  Obviously it’s not as simple as just “cutting a bit off the end”, but with some adjustments to the original drawings we designed a framework and template for a slightly shorter, slimmer, surfboard that will still retain all of the great all-round characteristics of the Island Hopper.

POST UPDATE: We added Duncan’s 7’2″ to our range – The Barque

Helen made her own 6’10 Jetty over the week and in her own words,

“A Great experience for all the senses. Enjoying the feel and smell of the wood while making something beautiful was so much fun.”

It was great to have you both with us, thanks for joining!

We’ve just released the dates for our “Build-Your-Own” workshop experience weeks for next year, so if you’re interested in joining us for five days and leaving with your own wooden surfboard that you’ve built and shaped yourself, then click here to check the dates.  We pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible here, so are happy to discuss other dates to suit you, or of course different lengths, shapes or personal adjustments to your surfboard.

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