Monday Morning Surf (bellyboard) Club In May!

01 . 06 . 22

Summer is here! And so are summer waves, so for the most part we have enjoyed sliding around on our bellys the past few weeks, save for a pretty sketchy surf which Chris will be remembering for a long time! The spirit of Monday Morning Surf Club is still going strong, and we are stoked to have been able to enjoy the sea no matter what the conditions. As always we want to share the fun with everyone, especially if folks can’t get to the coast right now, so scroll down to see how Porthtowan Beach treated us in May…


We were joined by a couple of good friends and we all enjoyed the waist high, high tide wave on a variety of wavecraft, including wooden surfboards, bellyboards and a surf mat!


We surfed some sketchy low tide racers which were closing out 90% of the time, very rippy but really fun when the waves lined up and stayed open. Chris landed on his fin which resulted in 2 weeks out of the water, makes the clip pretty painful to watch!


Teeny tiny waves on high tide which were barely visible from the beach, but  were just about slidable, perfect for a bellyboard!


We were joined by a special guest for some fun in the whitewater at low tide, Sally from the original surfboard company came to show us the traditional bellyboard technique of jumping into waves from the shallows, great fun!


Small clean classic summer waves, again perfect for bellyboarding!

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