Monday Morning Surf Club!

10 . 01 . 23

We usually get pretty lucky on Monday mornings, as we more often than not get to have fun in the sea. Not this week however, and here you will see/read why!

Here’s the surf report from Ally:

‘The surf was forecasted to be terrible, so I didn’t rush to the beach. With a big swell/period and strong onshore wind Porthtowan is often too exposed to cope, there ends up being a lot of water moving around. You can see from the video that a paddle out would have been almost impossible. I went up on the cliffs to get a better view and could really feel the strength of the wind, and looking down at all that white water confirmed that it would have been way too dangerous to get in, even for a body surf. I was happy to run down the hill and drive back to the workshop for a coffee, not too worried about missing our usual start of the week dip.’

Fingers crossed we find more surf-able conditions next week!

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