Monday Morning Surf Club!

24 . 10 . 23

Fast, fun and hollow waves provided a great surf this morning!

Here are some works from Ally, who was filming on the inside:

“We got to the beach just in time for the low tide banks to still be working, and there were nice waves to be had in amongst the closeouts. It was great to be out surfing with friends we had not seen in a while, and they all did really well to snag a few fun ones despite the tricky takeoff and hollowness of the waves. It was a beautiful sight sitting on the inside as some of the peeling waves held up as they broke, giving me a lovely view before being dumped on!”

James wassurfing our 5’10 Fetch wooden surfboard.

Larry was surfing out 6’4 Woodburner wooden surfboard.

Hugo was surfing his 7’2 Coaster wooden surfboard.

Bring on next Monday!

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