Monday Morning Surf Club!

04 . 03 . 24

A fun window of offshore waist high waves…

We met with a couple of friends and shared out the wooden surfboards whilst checking the fun looking waves from the car park. It was mid-tide and working up to high so we were hoping for more of the well groomed rights we were seeing swing in from the swimming pool side of the beach. There was a fairly strong rip so there was a bit of paddling to stay in position, most of the waves were backing off but there was the occasional wall that ran through to the inside. Everyone grabbed a couple of nice rides and a good session was had by all!

Gani was riding our 7’2 Coaster wooden surfboard

Max was surfing our 6’4 Woodburner wooden surfboard

James was on his 9’1 Wicket wooden surfboard

See you next week!

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