Monday Morning Surf Club!

18 . 03 . 24

We took one look at Porthtowan and headed around the corner for some friendlier waves!

Upon arrival at Porthtowan the washy whitewater, left to right rip and close-out sets did not look appealing, knowing that it may be a little more mellow around the corner, we gambled and lucked out on a great session!

Slow peaks rising in the middle of the beach on the incoming tide, and as we jumped in we were stoked to see the right start to work in between close-outs. James and Gani had a fun few waves on their wooden surfboards, every now and then they would stay open and race through to the inside, so we got it pretty much as good as it gets!

Gani was surfing our 5’10 fetch wooden surfboard.

James surfed our 6’4 woodburner.

See ya next week!

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