Monday Morning Surf Club!

01 . 04 . 24

We were treated to a beautiful sunrise and perfect peelers this morning, spring is here!

After a weekend of good swell we were worried that the waves wouldn’t wait around for us. We arrived at the beach to find some gentle peaks folding in, and once we paddled out, saw a couple of sets that had a little more punch to them. The light was amazing first thing and it was awesome to watch the ripples as they were caught by the sunrise. The calm conditions on the incoming tide gave us a mellow morning of surf, with some waves running all the way through to the inside whilst others stayed fat. There was more than enough fun rides to go around, and James and Chris caught a few lovely ones, swapping over their boards and making the most of a special couple of hours.

Chris and James were surfing our 9’1 Wicket and 6’4 woodburner wooden surfboards.

Here’s hoping this run of swell lasts forever!

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