Monday Morning Surf Club!

29 . 04 . 24

A mess of choppy whitewater greeted us at the beach this morning, but there are always corners to be found!

With the cold wind and and a big change from the chunky, clean conditions from last week, the messy shorebreak did not look appealing from the van. We talked ourselves round and reminded each other that Monday Morning Surf Club is all about getting in the sea no matter what and having fun!

As we ran down to the beach with those words ringing in our ears we saw a few corners lump through off the rocks, and after floating around for a few minutes we managed to luck into a couple, swapping every so often to give the other a chance to experience the rush of racing down a dumpy face.

Ultimately we were stoked to have jumped in and probably could have stayed for more! It’s always more fun on a bellyboard!

James and Ally were sharing a Performance Bellyboard and both using DaFin Swim Fins.

See you next week!

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