Monday Morning Surf Club!

13 . 02 . 23

Beautiful, glassy, 3-foot peelers greeted us at the beach on the incoming tide this morning..!

Here’s how the session went through the eyes of Ally who was filming:

‘When we first arrived the waves had amazing shape and they were A frame peeling from peaks in the middle of the beach, we jumped in as quick as we could and tried to snag a few. There weren’t many waves in a set and it was difficult to position and link up with the others as the peaks were shifting a fair bit. The waves got fatter and harder to catch the higher the tide got, but the boys managed a few nice drops and a couple of turns, which made for a great session, the sunrise was also an awesome bonus!.’

Bo was riding our 7’2 Coaster, Gani was on the 5’10 fish and James was on the 6’4 woodburner.

See you next week!

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