Monday Morning Surf Club in November!

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Monday Morning Surf Club (MMSC) means getting in the sea, and appreciating and sharing whatever waves we are greeted by on a Monday morning at Porthtowan beach, in case you missed it here’s more on why we started MMSC.

November has been pretty epic, not least because we have had a fair bit of swell and stormy weather hitting our Cornish shores; here’s a round up of how we got on with our ‘get in no matter what’ approach to wave riding…

We kicked things off with a fun knee/chest high surf on a high tide that was on the turn with light offshore wind. As the tide went out, the rarely seen ‘wedge’ next to the cliffs at the far side to where we paddled out, started working, providing us with a fun and fast left hander, our timing was unintentionally perfect!

The following Monday we found the swell almost maxing out the banks on a low tide with big heavy looking close out waves, safe to say there was no one in the line up and there was a lot of water moving around, so we opted to bodysurf. After a sketchy paddle out, thankful that we could all dive deep under the surf, we enjoyed floating around out back calling Chris into some absolute stonkers…

After the previous weeks solid surf and lunchtime bodysurf dips, we were greeted with barely surfable, lacklustre, choppy waves and a beautiful sunrise. The Wicket longboard helped us stroke into a couple, but all in all it was about appreciating the early morning sky and fresh start to the day.

We were back to stormy conditions for the next MMSC, the waves were pretty dumpy on a low/mid tide with a northerly wind, and with ever shifting peaks and a sketchy paddle out, this made for a tricky session. We made the best out of it and our friend Gani had a couple of great waves, managing to take the quick drops and get a couple of turns in the challenging conditions.

So there you have it, our Monday mornings in November! We hope that by sharing footage of our exploits in the sea, we bring some beach to surfers who can’t be near the ocean, it’s also a fun way to get a surf report if you are down our way!

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