Monday Morning Surf Club In October

01 . 11 . 22

October is typically the month in Cornwall when the first big swells start rolling through, and this one was no exception! Here is a run down of our last five Monday mornings…


Lovely shaped offshore waves greeted us at mid-tide, complemented by a beautiful sunrise it really was a treat! The longer rides were typical Porthtowan lefts, but there was the occasional right and plenty of waves coming through to choose from, a pretty special one!


It was very windy and lumpy, almost a complete contrast to the previous week, with an added bit of size thrown in for good measure. Safe to say we were the only one’s silly enough to jump in, and while there was a lot of paddling, and white water to contend with, there were still a few moments of wooden surfboard surfing bliss!


An even bigger mess greeted us the following week, thankfully the wind was less cross shore and the tide was coming in, but the waves were much less forgiving, morphing on the banks and dumping heavily. So we opted to bodysurf with our handplanes and Chris found himself in his element!


A mushy mid-tide surf with another beautiful sunrise, the wave really didn’t have much to offer, but we were happy to jump in anyway!


Another special morning, lots of lovely offshore peelers at high-tide, waves for everyone and another lush sunrise.

Thank you October!

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