New Wooden Surfboard Ride Report: Martin’s 9’1 Wicket

12 . 07 . 23

Martin joined us to make his own wooden surfboard back in May 2022, last week he sent us a ride report from a recent surf on his 9’1 Wicket

“I’m starting to get the feel for the Wicket. It’s so easy to stroke into waves. I went with some friends a couple of weeks ago and I must have caught three times the number of waves they did. It has so much drive, and I’ve had some super long rides on it.

One of the things I’m really enjoying is that I feel the board forces you to move on the board to react to what the wave is doing. I’m loving the different feel and experience it gives.

I read somewhere that a hollow wooden board allows you to feel more of the wave as the energy is transmitted through the more rigid structure more directly than a foam board, which absorbs more of the energy before it reaches your feet. So the wave feels more alive. I’d say that is a pretty good description.”

Thanks to Martin for telling us how he’s getting on with the wooden surfboard we helped him make, we are so stoked to hear he’s enjoying surfing on it!

If you would like to join us like Martin did to make your own wooden surfboard, click here!

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