Wooden Surfboards: Night Shaping

17 . 01 . 23

We managed to get some great shots of James in his element one evening a few months back, shaping a commissioned 6’2” Swift…

Our workshop is not like a typical shaping bay, so James likes to set up lights by the side of a trestle when he is approaching the more detailed aspects of shaping custom boards. The lights cast shadows and increase the contrast in textures, which allows James to focus on refining rail shape and contours, as you can see on the bottom of the 6’2” Swift he’s shaping.

We were all working late one evening and Chris called me downstairs into a dark dust cloud to take pictures of James, we realised how little we actually document the making of our custom boards, and the light, shadows and dust made for a fun photo opportunity!

If you would like to commission us to make a wooden surfboard, click here, or get in touch!

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