Otter Surfboards 2023 Annual Gathering Of Makers

31 . 10 . 23

Last Saturday we invited everyone who has ever made a wooden surfboard with us to a beach day and dinner…

Every year we like to meet up with as many people as possible who have joined us in the past to make wooden surfboards. Bringing together a special group of makers who we hold dearly in our hearts, every one a part of the Otter Surfboards family.

Despite a last minute change of dates, we had a great turn out, people joined us from all over the country, old faces and new!

We started the day with a visit to Sandy Acres beach hoping that we would be sheltered enough from the forecasted large swell and high winds to catch a wave or two. From the car park the waves looked well groomed by the offshore wind and about waist to chest high, ideal conditions for a group surf…

We soon learned that the waves were much bigger than first thought, over head-high on the sets with plenty of close outs to contend with. Everyone braved the paddle out, and once out back, it was awesome to see all the smiling faces and wooden boards in the line up!

When evening rolled around we gathered at the cafe next to our workshop and shared a meal, some drinks and good times. It’s always amazing to have an opportunity to bring everyone together and we are so grateful to continue the friendships that we make during workshop weeks and hearing how everyone is getting on with their wooden surfboard through the years.

We’d like to thanks everyone who came along, Ben at Canteen for the lovely food and Eddie at Harbour for providing the beer!

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