Otter Wooden Surfboards X BIRKENSTOCK

12 . 07 . 22

Last year we received a call from Mike at Birkenstock, asking us if we would like to make a wooden surfboard for them and collaborate on a film, safe to say we were stoked on the project – which was launched last week…

Read more about the surfboard and see the film below, you can also check out the Birkenstok BOLD project here.

The folks from Birkenstock had come to our workshop for a few days to film James making the surfboard, an 11′ Glider style board based on the classic Skip Frye ‘Eagle’ shape. Mike had always wanted one, and James had always wanted to make one! The board would feature an inlay made from a Birkenstock footbed and would represent our shared ideals and values regarding craftsmanship.

The surfboard turned out beautifully and Mike was stoked when he came to pick it up, we can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Thanks to everyone at Birkenstock for making this happen and giving us the opportunity to indulge in making an awesome new shape!

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