Saturday’s Make Your Own Handplane/Bellyboard Course!

03 . 07 . 24

Every month or so we run a day course for folks to come and make their own wooden wave-craft…

Going to the beach and jumping in the sea is what we all enjoy, it’s why we started this company, and it’s why you are reading this right now!

Whether it be jumping in for a swim, diving into the whitewater or making your way out back on some sort of wave-craft, it’s all about the experience and living in the moment.

We like to think we can make beach trips even more special, by taking along something you have made with your own two hands and using it to catch waves.

Last Saturday we were joined by 7 new makers in our workshop, who spent the day making their own wooden bellyboards and bodysurfing handplanes, here’s how they got on!

No matter your age or experience, anyone can join us to make these wonderful wave-craft.

We have broken down the making process into manageable chunks, and by following our expert guidance, Anna, Barney, Robyn, Isla, Max, Al and Rocky all finished the day ready for their next trip to the beach, with an exciting array of wooden planing vessels, all different shapes and sizes!

If you would like to join our next making day to make your own bellyboard, click here!

If you would like to join our next making day to make your own bodysurfing handplane, click here!

All of our wood is sourced from sustainable, local, regenerative woodlands, and our products are made for a lifetime of waves.

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