Shane’s Surfboard

17 . 05 . 13

It’s Friday afternoon which means both blog-time and also, during “build-your-own” workshop weeks, the culmination of a week’s hard work and the completion of a new wooden surfboard.  Shane came an awful long way to build his surfboard with us.  He’s from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is in Europe for a few weeks vacation which includes spending a week with us growing a surfboard from a stack of wooden pieces into the 5’10 Fetch fish that you see in the above image.  Shane has every reason to be incredibly proud of the surfboard that he’s built; we think that it’s beautiful.

Next week he’s off to Iceland hiking and camping with his wife, and then they’re heading onto Norway for more of the same before picking up his finished surfboard as he passes back through the UK on his way home.  In training for camping in more northern latitudes over the coming weeks, Shane’s been staying under canvas down the coast from us at Gwithian, and on Monday evening weathered a storm straight out of the pages of the depths of winter so at least we’re all confident that his tent is solid.  As ever, we’ve had a great time getting to know Shane and we’re so flattered that he made building a surfboard with us part of his trip.

If you’re interested in joining us for a week and going home with a wooden surfboard and a smile then please check out the details here and drop us a line.  Weathering “Spring showers” in a tent is not at all compulsory.

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