Sophie Hellyer Talking about Sexism in Surfing at Boards, BBQ and Beers 2019

29 . 07 . 19

For this year’s Boards, BBQ and Beers evening, we invited former British champion surfer, writer, and environmentalist Sophie Hellyer to take to the stage to speak about sexism in surfing. Sophie is is a lead voice in highlighting the misrepresentation and discrimination of women in our sport, and we wanted to learn more and help to share her message a little further.  She told the audience of her personal experiences in the surf industry as part of “the machine” and what drove her to speak up about inequality.  It was a frank and absorbing insight into the impact of the everyday reinforcement of stereotypical gender roles and the damage that this is doing, both within surf culture and society as a whole.  Because it is such an important message we didn’t want to limit Sophie’s talk to those who were able to join us in the room on the evening of May 10th, so you can listen to her talk and see some of her slides in the soundslide below.  Please enjoy, and share.

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