Summer Growth

09 . 11 . 12

Ordinarily, it takes a few weeks for us to work our way through the various stages in constructing a wooden surfboard, as we usually have several on the go at any one time in various stages of construction.  But back at the end of August we held a “Build-Your-Own” workshop week and watched as two surfboards grew on their trestles right before our eyes over the course of just five days. What started off as a stack of ribs, rail strips and planking on Monday morning had, by Friday afternoon, turned into two finished surfboards ready to be taken off to the laminator’s.

Fergus and Ian both did fantastic jobs, and this week they both took ownership of their finished surfboards ready for what we all hope will be a winter filled with good swells.

Fergus chose to build a 6’4” Cutter with two poplar accent strips on the deck and bottom skins.  Poplar often has a lovely rippled, silky look and this contrasts in a subtle but very pleasing way with the western red cedar on Fergus’ board.  Ian had to do a bit more walking up and down along the length of his board when constructing and shaping his 8’0” Pieces Of Eight, but the extra legwork as well worth it.  His board was laid up with western red cedar accented by a “double decker” sandwich of poplar and walnut. When Ian popped down yesterday to collect his board, he simply couldn’t wait to wax it up and dip it in the water, so we went with him and shared a few laughs and waves. A great way to wrap up his workshop experience with us, though we’re certain it won’t be the last time we meet.

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