Surfboard Focus: 6’4″ Woodburner Fish

18 . 01 . 15

This deep into winter many of us rely on the woodburner in our front rooms to provide warmth through cold evenings. At Otter Surfboards we also rely on woodburners of a different sort right through the summer months too.  The Woodburner is the larger fish in our range measuring up at 6’4″ x 22¼” x 2¾” and is designed with speed in mind, carrying a little extra volume to tackle summer slop or to counteract the extra weight of winter neoprene.  It’s also the perfect smaller surfboard for surfers who don’t get to surf as regularly as they’d like and whose paddle fitness consequently isn’t what it used to be.

This surfboard is fast straight out of the blocks thanks to a shallow single concave through the middle section of the board that deepens towards the tail, providing lift and allowing you to paddle into waves earlier and start your run sooner – shooting through fatter sections and flowing up onto and over crumbling lips with ease.  We can furnish our Woodburners with either twin fins or a quad fin set-up, providing plenty of hold in steep sections and generating speed down the line but also giving the board a looseness through turns; go gentle and draw out your bottom turns when it’s overhead, but then enjoy the release when you come off the top.

The Woodburner has speed to burn and is great fun in waves that are between waist-high and a little overhead, regardless of whether you’re surfing in gorgeous sunshine or you’re planning on lighting the fire when you get home to warm up.

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