Surfboard Focus: 9’1″ Wicket

08 . 02 . 13

British like cricket:  that was the over-arching theme when we set out to design and build a more performance orientated mal to sit at the “longer” end of our range.  What we came up with was a 9’1″ x 22 1/2″ x 3″ board with a pulled-in tail template and a more noticeable rocker curve.  Designed for day-to-day longboarders who are seeking the carry and glide of a wooden board but who still want the broad spectrum of performance characteristics offered by modern longboards, the Wicket is built to be run up and down (you see what we did with the name there now huh?!) as well as be moved around in it’s own right.  Make no mistakes, this a longboard that can be turned -just because it’s a hollow wooden surfboard doesn’t mean that it’s only destined to glide off down the line.  Built with either a single fin to pivot around, or a 2+1 set up to hold it in on drawn out rail turns, the Wicket offers a great deal of manoeuvrability and is adaptable to suit a wide range of conditions.  The narrower tail allows the Wicket to be surfed in steeper, hollower waves, and also holds in when tip-toeing up to the nose.  When up there with your toes dangling over, a shallow concave will provide you with a bit more control, hold, and that all important lift.

Our friend Gideon Ashworth surfed the Wicket a lot when we were shooting imagery for the website, and we were really made up by the feedback that the board received from somebody who is a scholar of longboard design: “I don’t want to sound pretentious or anything, but it just felt really nice to surf – it made me happy”.  We couldn’t ask for anything better than that now, could we?

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