The Christmas Countdown

13 . 12 . 13

There’s just six days to go everyone!  We’ve been holding off on the Christmas sales e-mails but please forgive us for jumping on the marketing bandwagon this week to let you know that our last date for UK small goods to arrive in time for Christmas is Thursday, December 19th.

We’ve been busy making handplanes in the run-up to Christmas and sneaking off down to the beach with our demo model to make the most of a nice swell this past week.  The water’s certainly got colder recently but we’re seeing that as an incentive to keep swimming and to make the most of our short bursts in the water.

We’ve got a stack of handplanes of all different shapes and patterns in the workshop, as well as spaces available in the New Year for our upcoming “build-your-own” workshops for handplanes, belllyboards and surfboards.  If you’re interested in giving an experience-based gift then our one-day workshops are a great option and we can e-mail you a gift certificate to print out if you’ve left your shopping until Christmas Eve.

Browse the rest of the website for more details or give us a call to find out more in person.  We’ll be able to answer the phone unless we’re oiling handplanes and our gloved hands are covered in slippery tung oil and unable to pick up the receiver.

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