The Dawn Balance

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The clocks “fall” back next weekend which means that we’re at that time of year when a delicate balance can be struck.  As the days become shorter and the nights begin to draw in, the option of waking up to surf as the sun rises and the day begins becomes a little more socially acceptable than those times in mid-summer when it starts to get light whilst there’s still a four on the clock.  7am is a do-able time, however, as the time that the sun peeks over the hills moves forward, the time to surf before having to head off to work for the day becomes shorter.  That in itself is a delicate balance. After next weekend, we get an extra hour’s light gifted to us; a few more chances to keep getting those early surf in.  But it’s starting to get cold.  The weather’s started to shift and, whilst we’ve had an unusually warm October, it’s beginning to look a lot like Autumn.

Winter is starting to snap at our heels and the motivation needed to get up in the dark to pull on a cold, wet, wetsuit is starting to increase.  Thankfully though, the transition is a slow one and we’re not ones to be turned off good waves before work just because of the weather, and the benefit of being a small surf company is that when it’s good we can just punch the clock a little later and stay on whittling into the evening.  Other companies call this sort of arrangement “flexi-time”.  We like top call it “getting in when it’s good”, and we plan to keep on doing it, same as ever, right through the colder months.

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