The Last Week Of Winter

22 . 03 . 15

This time next week it will officially be summer; Cornwall is decorated yellow with daffodils lining the lanes and gorse flowers covering the hillsides, and we’re starting to get more and more days of blue skies and sunshine.  The water is still cold, but it’s only a matter of time until it starts to warm up properly; we’ve already put our wetsuit gloves away and are keen to relegate hoods and booties to the same draw, before switching to summer wetsuits.  Surf checks have been conducted in jumpers over the past few weeks as the sun peeking over the hills inland makes layers and layers of jackets unnecessary, and we’ve started working with the workshop doors open again.  It’s amazing to see the difference that the longer days (slowly but surely) and sunshine make to the crowds in the surf; despite the lingering chill of the water there are smiles and excited chatter about the summer to come.  We love surfing in winter, but we don’t half like it when summer rolls around and there are more hours in the day to go surfing!

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