Why Wood? Part 2: A Personal Connection

21 . 03 . 23

It’s not often we go against the grain, but in an industry full of toxic foam, it’s where we find ourselves! Check out part 2 of why we choose to make surfboards out of wood…

Here’s James’s (founder of Otter Surfboards) on his connection to our favourite material and what it means to him:

“Firstly, I believe we are all born as makers. It’s something fundamental to all of us as humans; to want to shape the world around us, in our own way. I was lucky that during my childhood, my creativity was supported, nurtured and celebrated by those closest to me, so I never stopped making things.

I grew up in the Chilterns, submerged in woodlands and my fondest memories are of hoarding sticks whilst out walking the dog, picking dried mud off of my knees and escaping into the hills on my bike. So when it comes to making things, it seems natural for me to have always been drawn to wood. I’ve experimented with metal work and enjoyed a number of hours working with clay, but I am pulled back to working with wood, always.

We are all drawn to wood. When we see a wooden object, anything from a dining table to a tea spoon, our first instinct is to reach out and touch it, to feel it, as though we know our eyes only tell us so much and that our hands can tell us a whole lot more about the object. Through our hands, we all feel connected, innately to wood.”

If you missed part one of our Why Wood series, you can check it out here!

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