With Love Project

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​Late last spring we were visited by Chris, Rob and Matt, who were travelling the length of the British Isles documenting makers, producers and manufacturers who work with a purpose. They arrived in their lovely white landrover late one evening and camped out on site here at the Ecopark, spending the night sitting around the fire in the walled courtyard. The following morning they joined us in the workshop to shoot photos, film, and ask James one very important question: “Why do you do what you do?”

They asked that same question to everybody who they featured. The answers were brilliant.



“Why do I do what I do?”

Chris and Rob started out with the intention of meeting five people and asking them this single question, and producing a small book. Nearly forty interviews later, having travelled from the Hebrides to Cornwall from their home-base of Manchester and with Chris’ brother Matt joining them to help shoot footage, they have produced the incredible With Love Project book and short film. The book was made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign through the early part of this year, and we received our copy here a couple of weeks ago. It’s a wonderful document of the health of makers and small brands in Britain today, from sign writers and weavers to blacksmiths, potters, printers and…wooden surfboard makers.

You can watch their short film The Backbone of Britain below, and buy the book here. Enjoy, and thank you to Chris, Rob and Matt for stopping by the workshop and featuring us.

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