Wooden Surfboard Pick-up!

05 . 04 . 23

A few months after a surfboard workshop there is a magical moment, when workshoppers return to pick up their fresh new finished surfboards!

Bob recently popped by to pick up the 7’2” Coaster he had made with us last year, and he had these kind words to say about the workshop experience:

“I had the best time,I hadn’t used any of those tools since my teens at school. Still a little amazed at what i managed to do in those 5 days (with a massive amount of help from you and your team of course). You guys have an amazing bond and set up too, I hope you continue to grow and make amazing memories for people forever.”
Bob had joined us with a couple of friends, Burt, who made a 6’2” Swift, and Bob who made a 7’4” Island Hopper.

The last time Bob had seen his surfboard was the 5th and final day of his workshop course, which he had spent shaping the underside, all over sanding and applying the finishing touches. Once he had stamped and signed his week’s handiwork, we took a photo outside our big blue doors before saying goodbye.

Since then the surfboards have been up to our finishers for the glassing process, and we called Bob with the exciting news that they were all ready to be picked up!

It was great to catch up with Bob as we loaded the surfboards into his van, bringing his workshop experience full circle, and ushering in the next chapter of his surfing journey.

We can’t wait to hear back from Bob, Bob and Burt once they have had a few surfs – we will let you know how they get on!

If you would like to sign up to one of our wooden surfboard making courses, click here, or contact us!

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