Workshop On The Web: Make Your Own, At Home

05 . 04 . 20

​Right now, the restorative power of making and reconnecting with your own two hands, and of staying connected with each other, has never been more important. With our workshop courses temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 shutdown we are creating #stayathome make-your-own handplane kits that we can send out to you, so that you have a project to work on (individually or as a family) and something that you can look forward to using when we are allowed back out, and into the ocean.

We are offering several different options so that you can create the package that best meets your needs: an adult handplane kit, a children’s handplane kit, and a tool kit. When you purchase a kit, we’ll email you an in depth “How-to” guide to walk you through the process, but if you have any troubles, we’ll always be at the end of the phone.

The adult blank version is what we provide at the start of all of our handplane workshops; a blank with a pre-cut hand-hole that is laminated over a mould to provide a concave that runs along the length of the handplane. We’ll draw on some nose and tail template options so that you can choose the shape of your handplane. This kit is ready to be cut, shaped, sanded and oiled ready for its first splash in the sea.  Adult handplane blanks cost £100 each.

The children’s version was one that we developed a number of years ago for a primary school project for year 6 students (10-11yrs). It contains a cedar handplane blank that has already been cut and roughly shaped, that is ready for sanding, decorating and oiling. The kit includes the blank, a sanding block with two grades of sandpaper, a biro for simple decorating and a bottle of oil for protecting your handplane from the elements. Children’s handplane kits cost £50 each.

The tool kit comprises all of the tools that we use for our workshops and is everything you’ll need to craft your handplane. It includes a Japanese saw, a rasp, two clamps, a sanding block, two grades of sandpaper and a bottle of oil. You can purchase the tool kit on its own; handy if you have your eye on a piece of wood in the back of the shed, or for families who might want multiple blanks, but only the one set of tools.  Tool kits cost £100 each.

Although this product launched during the first UK lockdown of 2020, we will continue to offer it into the future, so that any of you who are unable to join us at our workshop for a day of making (if you are following us from overseas, perhaps) can still make your own, but at home.

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