Do Make


In Do Make, James has created a book to explore the lessons, experiences and memorable moments from the ten years of running Otter Surfboards and sharing the fun of making our wooden surfboards.

By using our hands to transform natural materials into objects of beauty and utility, we reconnect with our creativity, our environment, and back to ourselves.

Learn about:

• Preparation: what to make, where and how to get started
• Process: learn to trust it and let go of perfection
• Power: develop confidence in your natural skills and ability

With incredible photography, plenty of encouragement, and even a ‘how-to’ guide to make your own handplane to take bodysurfing, Do Make reminds us that nothing quite beats the feeling of having made something with our own hands.

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“A powerful, soulful little book. Like a seed, it keeps growing. Deceptive in its size and brevity, you can read it quick or slow. Take the slow and savour.”

Chris Hines, MBE

“Like the author, Do Make is calm, joyous and precise. Whatever you aspire to make, this is the perfect book to guide you on your journey.”

Dan Kieran, Unbound CEO

“Lays open a world of possibilities, guiding the reader through the creative process of making. With beautiful images and stories, Do Make is a lovely book for those who make or want to start making.”

Sarah James, Craft Festival